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Get up close and personal with your web audience. A real, live interactive spokes person will improve your conversions and online operations. The Talking People gives your online audience a warm, welcoming and informative experience. Let our spokes people be your online sale representative and user guide. Not only do we offer excellent video presentations, we also offer full service video production, commercials, online video and much more.

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"As a small business owner collecting leads online was frustrating! I had a very nice web site built that was user-friendly and easy to navigate and I even invested in other forms of marketing that was driving a ton of traffic. Even with all the traffic and a nice web site conversion rates were down. The Talking People helped me setup an oline video presentation and website spokes person that increased my conversion rates by more then 200%. Thank you Talking People!"

- Tom Holiday - Tom's Wholesale

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With The Talking People you never have to worry about your users missing out on what your organization has to offer. Full scale user testing and online observations have proven that the majority of users prefer to have information presented to them in the form of speaking. Organizations all over the world have been improving their online operations and bottom line with the help of The Talking People.

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