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Up Your Company's Authenticity Factor with a Website Spokesperson

Jan 21, 2013

Does your business website lack a little something you can’t quite put your finger on? You’re in good company – many small businesses struggle with the exact same issue. To further compound the problem, pinpointing exactly what should be added is often the hardest part of the website improvement process.

The Internet is a sea of options and advice for improving a company website, so it can be difficult to sift through all the noise. If you want to bypass the info overload and inject your online presence with a hefty dose of professionalism, simply add a website spokesperson to your company website. If you couple a spokesperson with some other simple tweaks, your brand’s Web presence will stand head and shoulders above the rest – and, rest assured, your customers will notice.

How a Website Spokesperson Improves a Company’s Image

When you add a website spokesperson to your company site, you’re essentially hiring a professional actor or actress to welcome visitors to your brand. A spokesperson will lend your image exponentially more credibility, and your visitors will immediately understand the message you want to convey.

Think about it – imagine you land on a website and a man in a sharp suit suddenly pops up to greet you. The spokesperson is borderless, which immediately creates the effect that he’s standing on the website itself. It’s dramatic, it’s innovative – and it’s about as professional as you can get.

Now imagine the man clearly and concisely explains the company’s vision and offerings. You begin to run into him on multiple other sites as well – he’s in the company’s YouTube videos and on its Facebook Fan Page. You begin to associate the “talking head” with the brand he’s representing, which, in turn, works to familiarize you with the company – whether you realize it or not. Then, when you need a product or service the company offers, you’re apt to remember the brand and try it out.

According to the Video Spokesperson Directory, empathy plays a critical role in the online sales process. A website spokesperson provides your website visitors with the emotional equivalent of an in-store salesperson. The added personal attention will markedly increase their comfort level, which will encourage them to consider doing business with your brand.

Increasing Professionalism on Your Company Website

Adding a website spokesperson is a great first step to up the ante for your brand’s professional image, but you shouldn’t stop there. It’s critical to analyze other elements of your website as well. First – and most importantly – have an editor check every square inch of your site’s content for spelling or grammatical errors.

Then, if your website is an old school HTML model sporting frames and raggedy code, it’s time to do some immediate damage control by hiring a web designer to revamp your entire site. If a designer’s not in the budget, seek out a high-quality template that can get the job done instead. Whatever route you choose, ensure that you use a high-quality favicon, maintain a consistent color scheme, and keep your brand image uniform throughout your site.

Dump any ads for other websites, too. The spotlight should be pointed squarely on your brand alone. If you host ads for other products or services, you’re encouraging potential customers to exit your site – and to take their business with them.

The Talking People: Spokesperson Experts

Tweaking your website and adding a spokesperson are two stellar decisions that will up your credibility factor and ultimately pad your bottom line. But how do you choose the right spokesperson for the job?

At the Talking People, we have you covered. We offer a range of professional actors and actresses trained to deliver a welcoming and expert experience to each and every one of your website’s visitors. We also provide a variety of full-service video production solutions for your biz, including commercials, online video production, and a whole lot more. Contact us today to find out how you can immediately improve your company’s image online with a website spokesperson.




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